Video call with the Bee-Wall

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Making a video call with a Bee-Wall. We tried it at Laval Virtual, it works !


Beewall – speech recognition

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The Bee-Wall can hear you, talk to him!

How to use the Bee-Gallery

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Below you will find a very simple little video that shows you how with a few clicks, you can configure and download applications to your Bee-Wall. You just need to be Logged on site, to have a correct Bee-Wall number, three clicks and it’s done!
More videos are coming soon…stay connected 😉 !

Presentation of Bee-Wall by Franck Lefevre (CEO)

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A little video of Frank Lefevre, Fundatrix CEO, in which he discusses his vision for the future of connected objects through technology, along with his goals for the Bee-Wall and its future development.