Razer Nabu, the connected and social wristband.

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Razer Nabu, the connected and social wristband.

Razer Nabu, it is first and foremost a way to stay close to your friends. Connect it to your smartphone, and it will tell you your calls, messages you receive, so you can “sort” the most important of them, and spend more time with your loved ones.
This bracelet is social! You can inquire your preferences, habits and hobbies. If you meet someone with a Razer Nabu, it will indicate your common points and your affinity.
Finally, Razer Nabu will be your ideal sport partner. Like many bracelets already on the market, it will quantify and record your sports performance (km traveled, calories burned …).


Nest Protect

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Nest Protect by Nest

After the smart thermostat, Nest proposes a smart fire alarm.

We’ve all already been yelling by a fire alarm too sensitive, after letting the bread on the toaster too long , for example. Or just as you’re falling asleep, you hear a low-battery chirp. They’ve become annoying.

Before turning on a loud, howling alarm, Nest Protect gives you an early warning we call Heads-Up. Nest Protect lights up yellow and speaks with a human voice. It tells you where smoke is or when carbon monoxide levels are rising. This gives you an earlier warning if there’s an emergency, or allows you to silence Nest Protect if it’s just a nuisance alarm, like an overly enthusiastic toaster.

That’s not all!
In case of fire , a human voice will tell you how to react. A message will be sent to your smartphone to warn you and tell you where the danger is . Nest Protect will also send you a message to give you the status of your sensors ( battery condition of your devices ) .

Find the Nest Protect application on your Android or Apple devices, for more security and serenity.

Holi smart Light

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Holi is a connected lamp with a refined and simple design, designed to fit anywhere in your home. Create casual ambiances in harmony with your mood, wake up smoothly with its dawn simulator or give free rein to your imagination by creating your own environments. Holi is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and communicates with the application.

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Kolibree, the smart toothbrush

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Kolibree, the smart  toothbrush

Kolibree is the world’s first connected electric toothbrush. Unlike anything else that exists today, Kolibree’s smart toothbrush has a unique technology to analyze your brushing habits and display them on mobile dashboard for easy access on your smartphone.

Kolibree’s connected toothbrush is the most advanced and comprehensive solution out there to make sure you stay ahead of the curve. Simply download the free mobile app, connect via Bluetooth and every brushing is recorded. The data about how you brushed automatically synchronizes to your smartphone telling you whether you brushed long enough and reached the hard-to-reach but important parts of your teeth and gums.

With the Kolibree connected toothbrush and mobile app, you can take control of your health and teeth with easy-to-understand monitoring and scoring. You can easily share your stats with your dentist and family or choose to keep it private. Designed for families, the app works with several toothbrushes so the entire family can participate together. Kolibree rewards your progress and cheers you on when you are improving, allocating points to kids to encourage them to improve their brushing habits.

While Kolibree does not proclaim to solve periodontal disease or suggest that it can keep cavities or gingivitis at bay, the better you take care of your teeth, the more likely it is that you can and will avoid serious problems. Before Kolibree, the issue is that there has been no easy and quick way to monitor whether you’re doing an A+ job or a C- one when you brush, so how can you improve on a habit you don’t have any data about? Kolibree solves that problem.

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The Cube, the world’s smartest color detector.

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The Cube, the world’s smartest color detector.

The Cube is a small cube with a color sensor. Its use is very simple: you put it on the surface of your choice, you wait a few seconds after pressing the button, and it detects the color of the surface. No calibration, no second-guessing. Just switch on and scan. The Cube sends colors detected directly on your Smartphone (BLE connection). If you don’t have your smartphone with you, the Cube will store up to 20 colors in its internal memory. It is also possible to send directly to your graphics program (check compatibility on their site).
And that’s not all. In addition, the Cube has a library of colors, combined with your favorite brands. So you can easily tune your projects to one (or more) color, easily and quickly.

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Smokio, The First Connected Electronic Cigarette

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Smokio, The First Connected Electronic Cigarette


Smokio is the first connected, electronic and smart cigarette.
Each aspiration is registered and Smokio gives you several information.
First, it measures its impact on your vital signs such as blood oxygenation and “rejuvenation” of your heart. Then it shows you the savings you make by leaving out your cigarettes and using it. All this information is sent to your smartphone (BLE Bluetooth connection) and you will see day by day the evolution of your consomation and its impact on your health.
Smokio has a range of 7 hours, and you have control over the density of the vapor from the cigarette (three levels available).

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AIM, a smart way to measure muscle by muslce, your BMI and the “size” of your muscles.

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AIM ™ is an innovative device for measuring body composition and analysis of different muscles. Simply place the unit on the muscle you want to measure, and instantly get fat percentage and overall muscle quality for this part of the body – your number MQ.

How it works:
AIM™ evaluates how electric current flows through each muscle to give you an accurate reading quality. It analyzes thousands of data points in a fraction of a second to quantify muscle quality and provide you the most accurate results for each muscle.

The results are recorded and sent to your smartphone. You can follow your progress day by day and improve your workouts to maximize your performance.