Add semantic to the Node-RED msg payload with JSON-LD

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In the NODE-Red ecosystem, many nodes are built and published.
When someone creates a node that produces geo coordinates (this is an example), and another a node that consumes geo coordinates, it is very important that these two nodes can be linked together in NODE-Red. To achieve that, the former should produce a payload that the latter can read.

Using JSON or msg is not enough:

 "latitude" : "40.75",
 "longitude" : "73.98"

Also consider another example:

"temperature" : "40"

What does it refer to? degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit?

We must agree on the content of the JSON object in the payload.

TheThingBox choice

In the ThingBox project ( we decided to use JSON-LD to format the payload.

JSON-LD allows to uniquely define the content of a JSON object.

 "@type" : "",
 "" : "40.75",
 "" : "73.98"

When a node finds an object containing:

"@type" : ""

then the semantic of the object is uniquely defined.

The members are also uniquely defined.

The previous object can be “compacted” by factoring paths into a context:

 "@context": "",
 "@type": "GeoCoordinates",
 "latitude": "40.75",
 "longitude": "73.98"

Many objects are already defined in
Find more about JSON-LD at  and use it in Nodes!