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How to use the Bee-Gallery

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Below you will find a very simple little video that shows you how with a few clicks, you can configure and download applications to your Bee-Wall. You just need to be Logged on site, to have a correct Bee-Wall number, three clicks and it’s done!
More videos are coming soon…stay connected 😉 !


Giant Bee-Wall

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Giant Bee-Wall

Our wildest dreams can indeed come true! The Bee-Wall, a giant interactive screen, can typically cover a wall of 5 X 2 meters or it can even cover the entire wall of your home. Realistically though, not everyone can afford such a screen.
Still, Fundatrix wanted to give you a preview of what the Bee-Wall can do.
We’ve tested it on a giant screen and we think it’s pretty cool. What do you think?