Times Square is on the Bee-Wall !

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Times Square is on the Bee-Wall !

New Bee-Note on the Bee-Wall! Connect to the webcam in the city of your choice worldwide. Look, we tried, now Times Square is under our eyes;)



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Hiku is now on www.fundatrix.com !

Hiku, a connected scanner to do your shopping lists.

Hiku is designed to be so easy a five-year-old can use it. Press one simple button and hiku takes care of the rest.It recognizes both barcodes and voice, instantly adding items to your shopping list.
This list appears on your mobile phone or tablet. You can share your list with family or anyone else. When you add an item or cross one off, your list is updated everywhere.
Coming soon, hiku will find items available for purchase online, show you the price (including whether it’s eligible for free shipping), and let you buy right from your phone.

Click here to reach the site

Giant Bee-Wall

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Giant Bee-Wall

Our wildest dreams can indeed come true! The Bee-Wall, a giant interactive screen, can typically cover a wall of 5 X 2 meters or it can even cover the entire wall of your home. Realistically though, not everyone can afford such a screen.
Still, Fundatrix wanted to give you a preview of what the Bee-Wall can do.
We’ve tested it on a giant screen and we think it’s pretty cool. What do you think?

Presentation of Bee-Wall by Franck Lefevre (CEO)

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A little video of Frank Lefevre, Fundatrix CEO, in which he discusses his vision for the future of connected objects through technology, along with his goals for the Bee-Wall and its future development.