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Add semantic to the Node-RED msg payload with JSON-LD

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In the NODE-Red ecosystem, many nodes are built and published.
When someone creates a node that produces geo coordinates (this is an example), and another a node that consumes geo coordinates, it is very important that these two nodes can be linked together in NODE-Red. To achieve that, the former should produce a payload that the latter can read.

Using JSON or msg is not enough:

 "latitude" : "40.75",
 "longitude" : "73.98"

Also consider another example:

"temperature" : "40"

What does it refer to? degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit?

We must agree on the content of the JSON object in the payload.

TheThingBox choice

In the ThingBox project ( we decided to use JSON-LD to format the payload.

JSON-LD allows to uniquely define the content of a JSON object.

 "@type" : "",
 "" : "40.75",
 "" : "73.98"

When a node finds an object containing:

"@type" : ""

then the semantic of the object is uniquely defined.

The members are also uniquely defined.

The previous object can be “compacted” by factoring paths into a context:

 "@context": "",
 "@type": "GeoCoordinates",
 "latitude": "40.75",
 "longitude": "73.98"

Many objects are already defined in
Find more about JSON-LD at  and use it in Nodes!


Rainbow, the connected toothbrush for children

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Tooth brushing is essential for a good hygiene and good health. This is something that we try to teach our children, but it is not always easy. Not easy to understand how to properly brush your teeth, not always easy to convince a child to go to the bathroom after eating …
Rainbow tries to answer this problem by proposing a toothbrush designed for children. With attractive colors (those of a rainbow) and fun application, Rainbow send information on your children’s brushing to a dedicated application. You can see the effectiveness of brushing, which will be compared to a “perfect” brushing and then share it with friends and family.
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Air France, KLM: finally solutions to track your luggage at the airport!

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If you have ever flown, you know how much baggage checking is stressful: afraid to miss the plane or worse, the baggage is lost … So many fears even more stressful when you are already lost baggage, which had so far no solution. Air France KLM is designeing two moduls to solve these two problems. First, a e-Tag, a label to hang on the bag to record his luggage from home. Second, a e-Track, GPS position sensor to track your luggage from your smartphone. Both equipment may be the salvation of many travelers. A consumer test is provided at the end of the year, and the baggage handler Samsonit plans to manufacture bags incorporating two similar modules.

KISI, Smart Lock

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KISI, the new connected lock, controlled by your smartphone

Kisi is a new connected lock controlled by your smartphone. At home or office, set opening and closing times, give access to different people by email, remotely control the opening and closing of your doors.
With its application (Android and iOS), you keep control of your doors. And if you lose your smartphone? Do not panic, Kisi does not block the mechanical system, you can still use your key!

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Smart Bulb by Samsung

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After the Galaxy Gear, Samsung presents the connected bulb.
Connected objects are increasingly present in our lives, not to mention they invade us. Samsung has understood that, and decided to continue its momentum by offering the Smart Bulb, a connected bulb.

For the home, Samsung’s LED Smart Bulb fits into traditional fixture sockets and has a variety of control options. The Smart Bulb can be dimmed down to 10 percent brightness while the output color is tunable from 2700K to 6500K for warm or cool white colors. The bulbs should last around 10 years.

By using Bluetooth, Samsung says there’s no need for a hub or access point connection as the lights are controlled by a direct connection to a phone or tablet with a mobile app. Users can control up to 64 Smart Bulbs with the software!

For the moment, no date or price has been communicated.


WiMo by Belkin

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Your home, connected to your life
WeMo is a family of simple, ingenious products that make life easier, simpler, better. To install WeMo Insight Switch, simply plug the Switch into an outlet in your home and then plug an electronic device or appliance into the switch.
Download the free WeMo App from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App store to any smart device. WeMo Insight Switch keeps you connected to your electronics anywhere you are–over Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G networks. WeMo also works with IFTTT, connecting your home electronics to a whole world of online apps.

Razer Nabu, the connected and social wristband.

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Razer Nabu, the connected and social wristband.

Razer Nabu, it is first and foremost a way to stay close to your friends. Connect it to your smartphone, and it will tell you your calls, messages you receive, so you can “sort” the most important of them, and spend more time with your loved ones.
This bracelet is social! You can inquire your preferences, habits and hobbies. If you meet someone with a Razer Nabu, it will indicate your common points and your affinity.
Finally, Razer Nabu will be your ideal sport partner. Like many bracelets already on the market, it will quantify and record your sports performance (km traveled, calories burned …).