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Lupo device comes in the form of a keyfob/ tag that can be attached to your keys, handbag, travel bags and other such valuable items you do not want to lose.

The Lupo fob connects with the Lupo smartphone App to offer:

1. FIND: Ring and find your keys/ tagged items from your phone and vice-vise;
2. OUT of RANGE Alert: Get alerted on your smartphone as soon as a tagged item goes out of range;
3. ANTI-THEFT: Enable anti-theft feature when you want to be notified if someone touches your valuable;
4. LOCK: Securely screen lock your computer and save power as you walk away from it;
5. TRACK-BACK: If some how a tagged item is lost, you can enable Lupo App to show on Google Maps where it could be. It’s like you can now do ‘Find my Handbag’, etc. with the Lupo same way in which ‘Find my iPhone’ is used;
6. REMOTE CONTROL APPS: Control the smart devices around you with Lupo’s remote controller. Now you can control Music, Presentation, Games and more on Bluetooth Smart devices with your Lupo.

Lupo is designed to offer ‘peace of mind’ on the go and offer freedom and flexibility in everyday life.

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Video call with the Bee-Wall

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Making a video call with a Bee-Wall. We tried it at Laval Virtual, it works !

Beewall – speech recognition

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The Bee-Wall can hear you, talk to him!

A Bee-Wall on a computer + Leap Motion Controller

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A Bee-Wall on a computer + Leap Motion Controller = a fun video, and maybe a great idea ?

The Cube, the world’s smartest color detector.

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The Cube, the world’s smartest color detector.

The Cube is a small cube with a color sensor. Its use is very simple: you put it on the surface of your choice, you wait a few seconds after pressing the button, and it detects the color of the surface. No calibration, no second-guessing. Just switch on and scan. The Cube sends colors detected directly on your Smartphone (BLE connection). If you don’t have your smartphone with you, the Cube will store up to 20 colors in its internal memory. It is also possible to send directly to your graphics program (check compatibility on their site).
And that’s not all. In addition, the Cube has a library of colors, combined with your favorite brands. So you can easily tune your projects to one (or more) color, easily and quickly.

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How to use the Bee-Gallery

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Below you will find a very simple little video that shows you how with a few clicks, you can configure and download applications to your Bee-Wall. You just need to be Logged on site, to have a correct Bee-Wall number, three clicks and it’s done!
More videos are coming soon…stay connected 😉 !

Fundatrix Bee-Gallery

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Fundatrix Bee-Gallery

Here’s a moment that nothing has been posted here … and for good reasonwe finalized and launched the first version of our Bee-Gallery! You will find applications (we call them Bee-Notes) currently available for a Bee-Wall. To visit our Bee-Gallery :